A vestry is defined as the legal governing and decision-making body of a parish church, consisting of the rector and elected lay representatives. Its duties include calling the rector, approving the budget, making policy, and approving expenditures.

Each vestry has a senior and junior warden, both elected among the members of the congregation. Each parish chooses its own way of structuring its vestry based on canons of the diocese and parish.

St. Peter's vestry consists of the rector, senior warden, junior warden and nine vestry members. The vestry elects a treasurer and clerk each year to serve. The treasurer and clerk may or may not be a member of the vestry.

St. Peter's vestry meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. Vestry meetings, unless called into special session, are open to members of the congregation.
Cody Allen
Barbara Brown
David Chew
Todd Clapp
Katy Pacelli
Jan Patrick
Becky Adams
Hollie Hull
Susan Siddall
Scottie Jackson, Sr. Warden
Ken Allen, Jr. Warden
Ginger Perdue, Clerk
Dick Phillips, Treasurer

                VESTRY MINUTES
2017-01 Minutes.pdf
2017-02 Minutes.pdf
2017-03 Minutes.pdf
2017-04 Minutes.pdf
2017-05 Minutes.pdf
bylaws of the parish current.pdf
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