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The International Order of St. Luke the Physician is an ecumenical organization dedicated to the Christian healing ministry. Members meet together in local chapters to study Scripture, especially the biblical stories of the healing miracles, as well as other books on Christian healing.

Chapters are led by a chaplain and a convener.  We have a group that meets here at St. Peter’s. 

God uses many means for healing. Some are spiritual such as prayer, love, faith, and laying-on of hands. Some are medical such as medicine, surgery, and psychology. We must be supportive of one another in the various ways God chooses to heal. God's desire for us is wholeness and health.


Lay Eucharistic Visitors are lay persons who are trained and licensed by the bishop to administer the reserved sacrament to people in hospitals, nursing homes, or homebound. Training is available for anyone interested in becoming a Lay Eucharistic Visitor.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on Mondays at 11:30am for the day group and at 7pm for the night group in the Parish Hall.  You do not have to participate every Monday, you can come when you are able.  The making of a prayer shawl is a spiritual practice which embodies our thoughts and prayers for the receiver.  It is a gift freely given with no strings attached.  Made in prayer, as prayer, for prayer, the shawls are passed on hand to hand and heart to heart. 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry has knitted many shawls which have been given to those who are sick, graduates, newly confirmed, and “small” blankets to those newly baptized.





The Prayer Chain is a group of people who feel called to pray for those who are in any sort of need.  If you have a need for prayer, please call the church office and convey your request.  Your request is sent out via e-mail to the confidential list of those persons who will be praying.  The prayer chain will then pray for your request for one week.  We do ask that you also let us know the outcome of your request if possible.  In other words, we would like to join with you over the joys or the sorrows of your requests.  All requests are confidential. 


Prayer Ministers are a group of dedicated people who are called to intercede on behalf of others in the congregation.  Prayer Ministers are available in the back of the church and those desiring additional prayers are invited to go to the prayer ministers following communion. 


As Christians, we are charged with the care of each other. As a parish community, we have relationships and bonds that tie us together in worship and service. Taking care of each other is vital to the ability of the parish to function as a whole.  Pastoral Care provides that opportunity to be Christ to each other. There are many needs that require varied talents. Preparing a meal for a family in need, visiting someone in the hospital, or just sending a card can be fulfillment of serving Christ.  

Pastoral Care has long been viewed as a committee of people who are assigned to handle the task of caring for members of the parish. Our vision is to do away with the idea of a committee as we know it, and include every member of the parish as an integral part of the Pastoral Care Team. Each person has a talent that can be called upon to provide care to someone in need.  

St. Peter’s pastoral care is divided into 3 teams.  Team # 1 provides meals, team #2 sends cards and team #3 visits.  When a need arises, the pastoral care team for the month provides food, cards and/or visits.   

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